Hotel De'La Ferns

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Lemon Button
by Hotel De'La Ferns

A Cafe-Restaurant

Welcome to Lemon Button, proudly HALAL certified, our laidback eatery designed for a youthful and lively crowd. Delight in our menu crafted to immerse you in the essence of Cameron Highlands, with dishes made from the freshest local produce. From breakfast to savoring a cup of Cameron tea with homemade scones, each bite offers a true taste of the region. Don’t miss our signature steamboat featuring fresh vegetables in delectable chicken broth and tom yum soup. Join us for a culinary journey celebrating Cameron Highlands’ finest flavors.

Do you want to try it? We’re waiting for you!

Lemon Button by Hotel De'La Ferns

Kitchen opening Hours, all the of the week

Monday-Sunday. 7.30 am to 10.30 pm

05-4914 888